Welcome dear viewer/reader to my simple blog!
It is called The Spice & Wolf Inn, or also known as Holo’s Spring Lodge, or Lawrence-&-Holo Co.
It is managed by Tetrax, and co-handled by Lawrence and Holo.

This blog is all about my thoughts (opinions) and reviews of different forms of media content.
This may include – (especially) Anime, Animated shows, Movies (& anime movies), Books and (may the list go on…).

[[ To view my thoughts-reviews, they are accessible at {Words}, {Thoughts List} or any of the drop-down links in their respective tabs. Alternatively, the archive is a good way to navigate too. ]]

{{ The Spice & Wolf Inn sincerely welcomes you to explore the site at your leisure if you have some extra time to spare. }}
{{ The author is currently preoccupied with cursed research, but may write-&-publish posts occasionally. }}

*Blog Wall Cover changes with season/event!*

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