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This blog is all about my thoughts (opinions) and reviews of different forms of media content. This may include – (especially) Anime, Animated shows, Movies (& anime movies), Books and (may the list go on…).
*[[ To check out my Thoughts posts, visit {Words} or any of the Lists in the menu, or search by Archive/Category ]]

I am no veteran reviewer, my review posts on the anime series or books or movies (etc) that I have watched are based purely on my own thoughts at the point of writing. I have to warn viewers though that I might actually ramble in my writing, but I’m working to improve on that, to make the prose flow better. Even so, my reviews are usually long expositions as I try to cover both the general picture and the details of the discussion.
I welcome any discussion or comments for what thoughts I have penned down on this thoughts-reviews web-‘review’-column, and am quite interested to know what people think about a particular issue / just the series itself.

Excessive Description:
Allow for me to introduce myself (no names though :)).
I officially started watching and following anime in 2015 November. I watch anime primarily for entertainment, de-stressing, studying japanese (unconventionally – currently I am studying it properly from textbooks), learning more about the connection between anime contents and reality/society, and understanding the philosophy and morals depicted in the shows.
*[[ I believe I’m a borderline otaku (but it’s for you to judge I guess) – I have fictional characters whom I admire and respect at lot, although I don’t feel that I would go to the extent to call them “my waifus” or “my husbandos”; they are only fictional ideals that people emboss their expectations on real people. On the contrary, I find that some people I know of in real life can be projected on these fictional characters (Which I think is why I may like and respect these characters quite a bit/lot, or the series itself) ]]

How I rate what I watched:
{9.5+} God Tier series in my opinion (This classification is due to my bias)
{8.5 – 9.5} Awesome Tier series (Very enjoyable: Usually feels-series will be in here)
{8 – 8.5} Great Tier series (I’m deducting some points because of bias)
{7.5 – 7.9} Good Tier series (Some faults, but good enjoyment overall)
{7 – 7.4} Above-Average Tier series (Just barely making the benchmark)
{6 – 6.9} Average Tier series (Either too many faults; Or not my-cup-of-tea)
{Below 6} Ugh Tier series (If I re-watch it, I’ll be doing it just for kicks)

Next, on what to expect. *[[ Currently I am on a 1 writing a week scheme ]]
80% of my posts are most likely going to be on anime-thoughts/reviews. I might write a little on books that I have read, or movies (non-anime) that I have watched, but it really depends because I watch anime far more frequently than movies or live-action television series.
Because I have a personal rule of finishing any anime that I start watching, I don’t do episodic reviews and for that matter, I do not write about highlights of the season (or things like that). My posts will usually focus on the big picture and, if I take on a very huge liking for a series, an analysis of the details. Other than normal reviews, I will post about various Jap/Ani-Culture events which I participate in, to share my experience in these events.

Although the bulk of the post will be my thoughts and extended opinions of the show concerned, I will still follow the standard procedure of reviews which you normally see at myanimelist or stuff like that. Here’s a sample format:
[Songs list] – If applicable

Last but not least, I will include a credit section for any media that I post in here; it’s better to acknowledge every external material reference used. In this case,

1] “About” Cover Photo (Holo wallpaper source)


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“There were two kinds of strength. One was the strength that came with having something to protect. The other was the strength of having nothing to lose.”
~ Holo

“The heart becomes scratched and dented and repaired over time, and with one glance, you’d be able to tell your own from others.”
~ Lawrence

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