JtP: [棗いつき] Phosphorescence


[This is a JPEN Song Translation Post]

For this post I am back with another song which is sung by Itsuki Natsume, and this time it is a collaboration with Room97 (composer for this song). I would say that this is by far the most challenging song for me to attempt translating, because I am unclear what the song is about. Honestly.
So, please take this particular post with a huuuge grain of salt (dated: 2022.06.17)

This is the first time I’m listening to a song from this composer, so it’ll take a while (and a few more songs) for me to understand the style of Room97 and what they aim to express with their songs.

Disclaimer: I may not be able to fully translate the intended expressed meaning of the song, but hopefully it can still be a reference for listeners as well as more capable translators should they be able to help and do justice for the song.


Classification: 棗いつき | Itsuki Natsume
Song Title: 燐光 | Phosphorescence
Album: Diary
Release: 2020, 25th October | YT: 2022, 8th June
Arrangement: Room97
Singer: 棗いつき | Itsuki Natsume
Lyrics: Room97

Original MV:

―A song of the reliant―

燐光 / Room97 (feat. 棗いつき)

Original Lyrics (Japanese | Kanji & Romaji):

Tameiki bakari no boku no sekai ja
Kirei na mono de sae sukoshi kasunde
Kikitaku mo nai kotoba atsumete mo
Haki dashite wa samayou dake

魔法みたいにさ 浮かべるだけで
Mahou mitai ni sa Ukaberu dake de
破れた約束 夜空に消えた
Yabureta yakusoku Yozora ni kieta
期待してても 塞ぎこんだとしても
Kitai shitete mo Fusagi konda to shite mo
Te wo kudasu no wa jibun desho

叶う気がして 声は届くと
Kanau ki ga shite Koe wa todoku to
響いて 強く想うと
Hibiite Tsuyoku omou to
Saki dake mokuron de
Hisokani shirushita kotoba mo nomi konda

Tagai chigai demo majiri atta
麗しい記憶 慣れた距離でも
Uruwashī kioku Nareta kyori demo
少しズレた予感と視線が 台詞だとしても詰まらせる
Sukoshi zureta youkan to shisen ga Serifu da to shite mo somaraseru

借りた言葉も失くしたと気付く どんな本にも書いてない
Karita kotoba mo nakushita to kiduku Donna hon ni mo kaitenai
産声上げた 胸の奥 柔らかい こんなとこにあったの
Ubugoe ageta mune no oku yawarakai Konna toko ni atta no

どこを見てても目を閉じてても 響いて声は届くの
Doko wo mitete mo me wo tojitete mo Hibiite koe wa todoku no
未来だけ目論んで 密かに記した言葉は
Saki dake mokuron de Hisokani shirushita kotoba wa

Yume de aetara nara sunao na omoi ni yudane
笑った事照れながら話して また恋に落ちる
Waratta koto tere nagara hanashite Mata koi ni ochiru

English Translation (Version 1):
*Note(I): Transcription may not reflect actual meaning
*Note(II): Transcription may change over time

This translyrics/translation is not optimized for sing-along (i.e. no rhymes & fit to melody)

Here lies my world filled with my sighs alone,
Where even all things beautiful are slightly hazed.
Venting out the thoughts that accumulated within me,
I simply left them to drift aimlessly, unacknowledged.

Floating into the night sky like a work of magic,
Those broken promises disappeared.
Setting expectations and sulking in despondence,
Just consequences of my own actions aren’t they?

It feels as if my prayers will be answered.
As these feelings resonated strongly;
Secretly, I preoccupied my mind
With thoughts of an imaginary future.

Mixed up in my mind are the beautiful recollections
Which alternate with a familiar gap between them.
But even for the slight disconnect I feel, it’s enough to interrupt the flow.

After losing the borrowed words then did I realize,
Nowhere are they written in books; instead born from our inner feelings.

Regardless of what I see, or even when I close my eyes,
I hear the voice echoing within me, secret thoughts of a future imagined.

Should we meet again in my dreams, I’ll entrust myself to my honest feelings.
And bashfully recounting those amusing memories, I’ll fall in love again.


In the title of the MV, the author wrote:
❝依存してる人の曲❞ ー ❝A song of the reliant❞
(I know that ‘reliant’ is an adjective, but please bear with my ignorance for once)

Even as I finish this version of translation, I am still unclear to what/whom the subject of the song is reliant on. Also, I wonder why the song name is titled “Phosphorescence”. I have yet to find a symbolism appropriate to explain the song in its entirety. This itself made it hard for me to settle with a suitable set of transcribed lyrics.

I re-translated the lyrics for this song quite a few times because I was dissatisfied with how the translyrics came out (Some parts made sense, but didn’t quite connect to the latter parts). In the end, I settled with this version for release 1.0. Personally, I considered this a rather difficult song to interpret. Just like the mood it exudes from the melody, it is a hazy blur that is hard to grasp. Localization is hard…

I can’t figure out if this has any relation to love relationships (based on the last line of the song), or creative work (based on the paragraph that talks about borrowed works / “借りた言葉”), or simply a person’s inner thoughts and outlook towards their surroundings (based on the first stanza).

The only thing that is clear to me, is that certain sections of the song definitely have some interesting and beautifully composed lyrics… If only I fully understand what they are relating to…

I will come back to this post again in the future..

Notes on translation:
———- ———-
– “手を下すのは自分” may be translated to be “Done myself in”. In some cases it can mean “suicide”, which is not the interpretation here. Based on the context of the previous 3 lines, I have decided to translate along the lines of “being a consequence of my own actions”.
– “少しズレた予感と視線が 台詞だとしても詰まらせる” is the one line of lyrics which has me stumped for the translation of this entire song. At present, I am not certain if this line is accurately translated. For the time being, “ズレた” is transcribed to “disconnect” and “予感と視線” transcribed to “feeling”. Should I do the exact translation of the kanji themselves the transcribed line would be too long and unnatural.


-nothing in particular this time-



Living life little by little as I try to understand how life works. As complex as it is, so as I am, it may take a lifetime to understand. But regardless it is not pointless to pursue a near-impossible goal.

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