JtP: [La prière] Necrogamy


[This is a JPEN Song Translation Post]

Back to a song by La prière, this one seems simple enough to do a rapid translation. Although the song itself isn’t as simple as it, which is rather self explanatory from the title the trio have come up with here. In fact, rather morbid it is.

Disclaimer: I may not be able to fully translate the intended expressed meaning of the song, but hopefully it can still be a reference for listeners as well as more capable translators should they be able to help and do justice for the song.


Classification: La prière
Song Title: Necrogamy
Album: -
Release: 2022 (19th June)
Arrangement: 森本練・Tansa
Singer: La prière [棗いつき・藍月なくる・nayuta]
Lyrics: 棗いつき | Itsuki Natsume

Original MV:

―And then the couple kissed after their solemn vow―

Necrogamy / La prière

Original Lyrics (Japanese | Kanji & Romaji):

病める時も 健やかなる時も
Yameru toki mo Sukoyaka naru toki mo
喜びの時も 悲しみの時も
Yorokobi no toki mo Kanashimi no toki mo
富める時も 貧しい時も
Tomeru toki mo Mazushī toki mo
変わらぬ愛で 敬い支え合い
Kawaranu ai de Uyamai sasae ai
命の ある限り 真心を 尽くして
Inochi no Aru kagiri Magokoro wo Tsukushite
Futari tomo ni aran to chikau

Hare wataru sora no ao to
Fuwari kaze ni nabiku shiroi Bēru(Bell)
Marude sekaijū ga koufukushite mitai
Te wo tori mitsume au futari
Konna ni shiawase nano ni

Doushite watashi wa soko ni inai n darou

Tsumetai ame ni furarete
Watashi ga kodou wo nakushita hi
Anata wa nami wo nagashite kureta
Jikan ga kizu wo iyase ba
(いつかは いつかは 過去に変わって)
Itsuka wa Itsuka wa Kako ni kawatte
Wasurerarete shimau no ni
(どうして どうして どうして)
Doushite Doushite Doushite
Anata ga shiawase nara ii to omotteta

La la la…

Yamete yo
Watashi no inai sekai de
そんな顔でそんな声で笑わないでよ ねえ
Sonna kao de sonna koe de warawanai de yo Nē
Nidoto fuenai futari dake no omoide wo uwagaki shinaide
Anata no shiawase ni mou watashi wa iranai

神様見ていて 私悪い子でもいい
Kamisama miteite Watashi warui ko demo ii
戻りたい戻れない戻らない戻せない 時計の針
Modoritai Modorenai Modoranai Modosenai Tokei no hari
Sore nara sono mi wo ubatte shimae

Soshite futari wa shiawase na kisu(Kiss) wo

病める時も 健やかなる時も
Yameru toki mo Sukoyaka naru toki mo
Inochi tsukitemo

English Translation (Version 1):
*Note(I): Transcription may not reflect actual meaning
*Note(II): Transcription may change over time

This translyrics/translation is not optimized for sing-along (i.e. no rhymes & fit to melody)

❝ In sickness and in health
Through good times and the bad
For richer, or for poorer
I will cherish and support you with a true devotion,
And always love you for the rest of my life. ❞
The couple took their vow.

The clear blue skies above
And the white bells swaying in the gentle breeze,
Seems as though the universe is giving its utmost blessings.
Holding a mutual gaze, the couple looked so happy
As they they took each others hand.

… But why am I not the one in that picture?

Under the pouring cold rain that day,
That was when my heart ceased to beat,
While you cried.
If time heals all wounds,
(One day, Someday, It will become something of the past)
Then everything will be forgotten.
(Why? Oh Why?!)
And I’m fine with that, so long as you’re happy.
Or so I thought.

(Interlude) La… La… La… (Interlude)

In a world where I don’t exist
Don’t make such expressions! Don’t laugh like that! Please―
Don’t overwrite those memories that belong only to us!
Am I no longer needed for your happiness?!

Oh god, please let me return, even if that makes me a sinner.
I wish that time could rewind. But it can’t, it won’t, and never will.
If that’s the case, just take my life!

And then the couple kissed after their solemn vow.

❝ In sickness and in health,
For the rest of their lives. ❞


This song is pretty haunting.
I won’t add any further afterthoughts.
Hopefully the translation provides enough clarity as to what this story is about.

Notes on translation:
———- ———-
– Sections marked by ❝ ❞ describe the wedding vow.
– In the “Interlude” section, there are various words that appear in the MV:
> “忘れて?” :: “Forget?”
> “忘れても、あなたは幸せになれるの?” :: “Even if you forget, will you attain happiness?”
> “本当に?” :: “Are you sure?”
> “私はもう、いらないの?” :: “Am I no longer needed?”
> “嫌だ” :: “No…”
> “奪われたくない” :: “I don’t want you to be taken (from me)!”


Feel free to share what you think about the song in the comments though!
The distinct contrast in the tone of the song really sold me.


La prière / 藍月なくる・棗いつき・なゆた

Living life little by little as I try to understand how life works. As complex as it is, so as I am, it may take a lifetime to understand. But regardless it is not pointless to pursue a near-impossible goal.

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