JtP: [リリぴ] I♡


[This is a JPEN Song Translation Post]

In this translation post, I would like to introduce a utaite called りりぴ (-LiLiPi-) that I’ve followed for a while because of how good her vocals is for a variety of vocaloid songs that she chooses to cover. It was only after a couple of songs after when I realized… This person is insanely fast at covering songs that are being released by vocaloid producers. It’s not even an understatement. In just 1-3 days, she releases a cover of her own… with her own vocals… mixed… WITH FULL ILLUSTRATIONS AND ORIGINAL MV.

Like what? How???
She calls such cover releases her “Super-Fast Cover” (最速カバー) upload and she is not wrong, but even with such speed the quality never lacks in any form, which makes them even more impressive.

Though this song “I♡” has reached over a million views on youtube, and with the quality + speed of her cover releases, I personally find it rather surprising that she has a considerably smaller subscriber fanbase than I would expect. I may not be one to care about numbers, but if you do enjoy the song of hers that I’m introducing here, perhaps you might want to stay tune to more of her releases (both past and future ones) on her channel.

Disclaimer: I may not be able to fully translate the intended expressed meaning of the song, but hopefully it can still be a reference for listeners as well as more capable translators should they be able to help and do justice for the song.


Classification: リリぴ | -LiLiPi-
Song Title: I♡ | I Love
Release: KAFU: 2022 (12th September) | LiLiPi: 2022 (14th September)
Arrangement: 名前は未だ無いです
Singer: リリぴ | -LiLiPi-
Lyrics: 名前は未だ無いです

Original MV:

― I love you so so much that I can’t stop… Darling~? ―

I♡ / リリぴ

KAFU Version:

I♡ / feat. (可不)

Original Lyrics (Japanese | Kanji & Romaji):

ドキッ ときめいて
Doki~ Tokimeite
Junjō hara hara
好きっ!好きっ! 止まらない
Suki~ Suki~ Tomaranai
Dārin (Darling)

ゾクッ! 即束縛って
Zoku~ Soku soku bakutte
Kidzuku mentaru (Mental)
ヘラ ヘラ なの。
Hera hera Na no
もうどうしょうもない I♡
Mou dōshō mo nai I Rabu (Love)

♡さいこうちょう♡ ♦️フワフワしてる♦️
Saikō chō Fuwa fuwa shiteru
♤クラクラしてる♤ ♣️メラメラに燃える
Kura kura shiteru Mera mera ni moeru
Murasaki no bishō
目覚める果実 禁断の話術
Mezameru kajitsu Kindan no wajutsu
貴方の罠に もぅ、、 ぞっこん
Anata no wana ni Mou Zokkon

Dogura Magura
ドギ・マギ 知って?
Dogi Magi Shitte
ちょっと情緒 フラフラ不安定
Chotto jōcho Fura fura fuantei
(ドックン ドックン)
Dokkun Dokkun
Kira kira de boyaketa anata ni
とろり とろけちゃう☆
Torori Toroke chau

鏡よ鏡よ 世界中で
Kagami yo kagami yo Sekai juu de
彼を一番愛してるのは だーれ?
Kare wo ichiban aishiteru no wa Dāre
アブラカタブラ 傷口なぞって
Aburakatabura Kizuguchi na zotte
Mahou kaketa no wa anata desho

Anata desho
イタイ。。 乙女心。。
Itai Otome gokoro
ちょうだい フラフラな愛情
Chōdai Fura fura na aijō
恥ずかしいくらい 共依存しよ?
Hazukashī kurai Kyou izon shiyo
Motto motto Aishite

トキメキ♡ 異常?
Tokimeki Ijō
Mata sowa sowa
こわぃ こわぃ 隠せない
Kowai kowai Kakusenai
Dārin (Darling)
ズキン! 好きすぎて しゅん。。
Zukin Suki sugite Shun
超アワ💦アワ💦 メランコリー
Chō awa awa Merankorī (Melancholy)
隠さない だいしゅき。。
Kakusanai Daishuki
Mō dōshiyō
Mata nai

Rabu (Love)

Nee nee
鏡よ鏡 世界中で
Kagami yo kagami Sekai juu de
彼が一番愛してるのは だーれ?
Kare ga ichiban aishiteru no wa Dāre
Atama gura gura
Yami mamire sotto
Hikari kureta no ga anata na no

Anata na no
Itai Otome gokoro
ちょうだい フラフラな愛情
Chōdai Fura fura na aijou
花の10代 あげる
Hana no juu dai Ageru
Zenbu zenbu
だから ね? 愛して?
Dakara Ne Aishite

もっともっと欲しがって ね?
Motto motto hoshigatte Ne
ずっとずっと見ていて ね?
Zutto zutto miteite Ne
恥ずかしいくらい 共依存しよ?
Hazukashi kurai Kyō izon shiyo
もっと、 もっと、、 愛して?
Motto Motto Aishite

Doki!!♡ ときめいて
Doki Tokimeite
Junjou hara hara
好きっ!好きっ! 止まらない
Suki~ Suki~ Tomaranai
Dārin (Darling)
ゾクッ! 即束縛って
Zoku~ Soku soku bakutte
Kidzuku mentaru (Mental)
ヘラ ヘラ なの。
Hera hera Na no
Mou dōjō no shiyō mo nai
Dōshō mo nai
I Rabu (Love)

English Translation (Version 1):
*Note(I): Transcription may not reflect actual meaning
*Note(II): Transcription may change over time

This translyrics/translation is not optimized for sing-along (i.e. no rhymes & fit to melody)

This pure heart is racing
With a thrilling excitement.
I love you! I love you and I just can’t stop

I’m bounded instantly by shivers of excitement!
Letting out a foolish giggle to myself,
I notice that I’m going mental.
I wuv you so much…
I just can’t help that I (you)

As this emotional ♡climax♡ burns fierily♣️
It fills me with a ♦️fluffiness♦️ and ♤ dizziness ♤
Your purple smile
And forbidden art of conversation awakens a feeling within me.
I’ve already fallen to your trap, and am madly in love with you.

Dogra Magra.
I’m flustered do you know?
My emotions are wavering and a little unstable.
Before your blurred dazzling figure,
I’m melting into a goop in your radiance ☆

Mirror Mirror
Who’s the one who loves him the most in this world?
Abracadabra – Tracing this wound,
You’re the one who casted the spell aren’t you?

It’s you isn’t it?
This maiden’s heart is hurting..
Give me that fluttery love,
Let’s be codependent on each other, and shamefully so?
Love me… More and more?

(My heart beats loudly ♡)
Is this excitement abnormal?
Once again, I’m feeling restless.
It’s scary, but I can’t hide it
I love you so much that it hurts.
A melancholic blue that leaves me 💦bawling💦.
I just can’t hide it… That I wuv you so much..
Oh, what should I do..
I can’t wait..
For your love.

Hey hey~?
Mirror Mirror
Who’s the one who he loves the most in this world?
My brain trembles quietly,
“Full of sickness” inside.
The one who brought me light is you.

It’s you!
This maiden’s heart is hurting…
Give me that fluttery love,
And I’ll give you my teenage youth,
All of it.
So, please? Love me?

I want more and more of it… Please?
Look at me forever and ever… Please?
Let’s be codependent on each other, and shamefully so?
Love me… More… Even More?
LOVE ME???????

This pure heart is racing
With a thrilling excitement.
I’m bounded instantly by shivers of excitement!
Letting out a foolish giggle to myself,
I notice that I’m going mental.
I wuv you so much..
No longer can anyone sympathize me..


(This… is the song of a menhera / mentally unstable maiden obssessed with love isn’t it…)

I really like how dynamic the eye expression changes in the MV, especially the part where she sings “イタイ。。乙女心。。” in the second instance this line appears, where you can see the eyes unstably wavering and on the verge of tears. This is paired really well with how the melody goes quiet, like a calm before the storm. The perfect use of the look of insanity at certain lines really emphasize how menhera the character is in the song.

All the other minor details like the medical pills, cracked mirror and cracked phone screen (and the spam of calls in the call history) just adds to the vibes of the MV.

Notes on Translation:
———- ———- ———-
– I’m typically worse off at translating onomatopoeia and words that express the sounds of emotions/feelings, so please take this translation attempt with an extra bit of salt than usual.
– I have done the translations this time that specifically tries to replicate/evoke the emotions of the character in the song at respective lines. Hence, the choice of words in given lines and also the capitalization of certain areas and not others.
– I interpreted “メンタル” as “Going Mental” / “Going Insane”. The character in the MV seems to be self-aware of it based on the line “どうしょうもない”, but she just can’t help it.
– “だいしゅき” is an exaggerated cutesy/baby-ish talk. Hence I uwu-fied “love” to “wuv”.
– “climax” translated from “さいこうちょう” (最高潮) is supposed to be just the literal highest point/peak of excitement (emotional state) and not something sexual. Though, up to your imagination it can also be that. I won’t elaborate further.
– “ムラサキの微笑” is the one line that I have so much difficulty trying to understand. First off… Why is “ムラサキ” written in katakana and not the hiragana nor the kanji “紫” for purple?
I don’t think it’s supposed to be literally translated to “A purple smile” but I have decided to keep it as that. I tried looking for literary pieces that incorporate this phrase, but with little luck. There are a few written works using this phrase, but I never really understood what the “purple” meant.
This is going to be a long shot, but I’m making an assumption that the colour “purple” implies the colour of the person’s lips, and the exact kanji is not used because such an expression is rare… or well… just because.

I went to the extent of looking up for what other meanings “ムラサキ” may hold, but even the most far fetched one where it is a secret language (女房詞 / Nyō bō kotoba) used by court ladies in the Muromachi period makes no sense. Because, the secret language “purple” is a replacement word for “sardine” for that case. Well, I learnt something new today though.
– I did not retain the exact word for “果実” in “目覚める果実”. Instead I made a very loose translation here, substituting “fruit” for “feeling” since that is what is influenced/awakened in the context of the song. You can see in the MV that the character’s eyes went insane on this very line.
– “ドグラ・マグラ” or known as “Dogra Magra” is actually a novel written by 夢野久作 (Yumeno Kyūsaku) about mental aberration in a detective/mystery setting. For those who have watched Bungou Stray Dogs, this might be a very familiar term since it is the ability of the very character with the same name as the author of this novel.

Therefore, taking this in context of the song, my interpretation is that this one-liner is a description of the character’s descent to (obsessive) madness for someone’s love. There’s no english replacement for this word, so I just left it as the novel’s name.
– “傷口なぞって” : I doubt that the “wound” is physical.
– “アワ アワ” I suppose is the onomatopoeia for loudly crying. (Thanks to the added emoji contextual clues)
– “花の10代” is a figurative expression, where “花” refers to the girl/woman and “10代” being the period in her life where she is a teenager (10 – 20 years old age frame). Therefore, taking this interpretation, I have given the translation here to be “my teenage youth”.


Sounds wonderfully unhinged enough to be a halloween song.
And reminds me of Yuri from DDLC.
(I might do a translation of her other original song in the future which has a similar theme, but much less unhinged than this one.)

If I may interest you in one of her covers, please do listen to her バグ (Bug) cover to hear a cooler side of -LiLiPi-. Her vocal range is insanely good. (Yes “Bug” is kind of unhinged too)




Living life little by little as I try to understand how life works. As complex as it is, so as I am, it may take a lifetime to understand. But regardless it is not pointless to pursue a near-impossible goal.

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