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Updated: 2022/09

I am no veteran reviewer, my review posts on the anime series or books or movies (etc) that I have watched are based purely on my own thoughts at the point of writing (Usually I tend to be lenient with my reviews, perhaps blindly positive even). I have to warn viewers though that I might actually ramble in my writing, but I’m working to improve on that, to make the prose flow better. To summarise my review style, it tries to cover different aspects (Story/Art/Sound/Characters/General Discussion) in a possibly haphazard discussion of the general picture and certain specific details. If, and only if, I am extremely intrigued by a certain aspect of an anime series, I might just dedicate a full discussion post on that aspect.

I welcome any discussion or comments for what thoughts I have penned down on this thoughts-reviews web-‘review’-column, and for what is on-topic in a given post I make. I’m interested to know what people think as well, and I enjoy reading different perspectives!

Details (Basically my interests and some brief history):
I officially started watching and following anime in 2015 November. I watch anime primarily for entertainment, de-stressing, studying japanese (I will eventually finish my personal studies from textbooks/references), learning more about the connection between anime contents and reality/society, and understanding the philosophy and morals depicted in the shows.
Alongside passively following the trends of anime, I also gradually started reading manga, listening to touhou doujin songs, vocaloid songs, and learning how to sketch anime-style drawings.

Around the end of 2019 I started watching Virtual Youtubers (Not counting Kizuna Ai or Kaguya Luna) regularly, beginning with a small mix of JP livers from Nijisanji and Hololive. I became very active in following livestreams of livers as a result of my non-existent sleep schedule from work, and they provided me a much needed mental support. This blog will not talk/discuss about VTubers.
At present [2022|02], my oshis are:
Petra Gurin from 【Nijisanji EN】::⦅Obsydia⦆ &
Tsunomaki Watame from 【Hololive】::⦅4th Gen⦆
*Note: My definition of oshi = Someone whom I have huge admiration and respect for.

I believe I’m a borderline otaku – I have fictional characters whom I admire and respect at lot, which are more commonly termed as “my waifus” or “my husbandos”. I like to collect digital wallpapers and fan-arts of anime series I like a lot and for the Touhou Project franchise as well. I’m also very interested in memes. Also, I collect manga/LN and physical collectibles, particularly for the Spice & Wolf series. (No, I don’t have dakimakuras)


My most favourite anime series (In no particular order):
Spice & Wolf | Majo no Tabitabi | Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita | Shiroi Suna no Aquatope | iDOLISH7 |
Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou | Tamayura | Hyouka | Tsuki ga Kirei

My most favourite characters (In no particular order):
Holo | Ayano Tateyama | Elaina | Miku Nakano | Fuuka Miyazawa & Kukuru Misakino | Chitanda Eru

My most favourite touhou characters (In no particular order):
Momiji Inubashiri | Flandre Scarlet | Koishi Komeiji | Hata no Kokoro | Youmu Konpaku | Kutaka Niwatari

My most favourite utaites (In no particular order):
ゆめこ/Yumeko | ゆいこんぬ/Yuiko | なゆた/nayuta | 黒猫/96neko

My most favourite Producers [Vocaloid/Song Producers] (In no particular order):
Ayase | doriko | 傘村トータ/Kasamura Tota | mikitoP | n-buna | 自然の敵P/Shizen no Teki-P

My most favourite authors (In no particular order):
Isuna Hasekura | Jougi Shiraishi

Favourite genre/theme of shows + (visual novel) games:
Emotional (Bittersweet) | Nakige (Those that will make you cry for real)


More Details (Basically how I run this blog, or what kinds of posts I make):
[[ Currently I am on a “Minimally twice a week” scheme ]]
I am making a transition from thought/reviews dominated writing to translation posts, since I have not been committing as much time to watching anime than listening to new music.
I generally do translations of songs which are much less known in the EN community, Touhou doujin releases, as well as original songs by virtual singers, utaites and particularly of the vocal group La prière.
As for anime reviews, I have a personal rule of finishing any anime that I start watching. I don’t do episodic reviews and for that matter, I do not write about highlights of the season (or things like that).

===== =====

1] “About” Cover Photo (Holo wallpaper source)

4 comments on “About
  1. ne´ senpai. says:

    haro~! nesha here. love your blog by the way, i always read your reviews, to get me more perspective from others.
    anyway, i can’t find any contact menu on your blog, nor your twitter or facebook link. i wanted to ask you something, but i dunno how.

    Liked by 1 person

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