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My Reasons Why – The things to keep telling ourselves

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Appreciation Post: Thank you for what you do!

A little more than a month ago Aldael nominated me for the Blogger Appreciation Award when award-tagging was still relatively hot (It has cooled down since). He shared how he works around things in his mind palace, and approaches with

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Appreciation Post: Thank you for the Vitamin D!

The wordpress community here is overflowing with warmth and brilliance. It’s really nice to bath in wonderful posts and lively comment discussions, which is why I enjoy reading both posts and comments! I think it is appropriate to see these

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Appreciation Post: I got a “U” grade and I’m overjoyed

Everytime I input a new bookmark in my text-file of fellow blogger reads because I really loved it, I’d have to scroll pass my backlog of links where you people nominated me for a tag or award of some kind.

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BloTs: Bingeing vs Consistency – As a Reader

Preamble: It has been a while since I’ve written a proper thoughts-post, one that provides some form of analysis (If it can actually be called an analysis, since I write based on my own ‘objective’ opinions). So after weeks of

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Misc: Blogging Reflection (2)

It’s the last day of 2017 today! (At least for SG it currently is) With the passing of November and December months (and the events in these months), and the approach of a brand new year in a few hours

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Appreciation Post: More Blog Awards

A mix of Liebesfeud, Liebeslied & some lies is to Liebster; An organisation of plans is to Real NEET Neat; And an impression for lifetime is to Unique & Lovely. ~ Add them all up, and maybe I’ll get to see

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Appreciation Post: The Mystery Blogger Award

What is more mysterious than the Universe itself ? The human mind? The human heart? Consciousness? Would you want to understand the root of this mystery? Or perhaps its better to simply lay beside it, unsolved… … and continue to

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Misc: Blogging Reflection (1)

Not sure if time flew by, or time crawled by, but it has been 3 months since I started this blog to type down my thoughts on various anime series, as well as sharing my experience on my first anime

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“Just because you are doing something for someone else doesn’t make it right.

Kindness and beauty can sometimes become cruel.”


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