This will be a new addition to the blog (Isn’t that a few too many sections now?) considering that I’m intending to start a new personal project of doing anime-related art sketches.

One new art work (Usually a sketch based off an original illustration by a certain author – I will provide a link or ID to their illustration site) will be added each month. Sometimes there may be more than one artwork per month, depending on how free I am, and whether I decide to waste more time doodling than doing research.
*Illustrations from previous years will be transferred to a different page/link*

Year in Review:

L-Click on any image to enter slides mode.
To view image in larger resolution, R-Click to open in new tab and click on the image again once page loads.



In addition to sketches that I work on myself, patrons may feel free to suggest art pieces to put up in the lodge’s gallery – You can suggest anything and everything under the sun (any theme or subject/object) using the feedback form provided below . Holo will be overlooking the requests and pushing them all to Lawrence in return for apples and honey peaches.

Hope you enjoy your stay! 🙂

Dear customer, how did you find your stay? Fill in the Spice & Wolf Inn feedback form and let us know!

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