Appreciation Post: More Blog Awards


A mix of Liebesfeud, Liebeslied & some lies is to Liebster;
An organisation of plans is to Real NEET Neat;
And an impression for lifetime is to Unique & Lovely.

~ Add them all up, and maybe I’ll get to see Miyazono Kaori once more…

Spring will be here soon. (Let’s cut it here before spoilers appear)

Pre-Note: I think I’ve dragged this wait a little too long… Even though I initially wanted to have it posted on X’mas Eve… So here we go… …

I thought the award season was over, based on the past research which I did on other bloggers’ pages when writing the Mystery Blog Award post. Turns out the award-pass-around is still going on, and just the other week Neshy nominated me for both TUBA and OLBA (SG-style of making acronyms). After my first wave of embarrassment with TMBA, here I am hit with another wave of embarrassment.
Should I respond with the ダンデレ style or the クウデレ style? Maybe I won’t think too much about it this time, and respond in a style that defines myself best I guess. So… forget about expecting any twists or multi-personality transitions here. I shall start writing my thank-you letter…

To: ne´ senpai,

How long has it been since we started following each other’s blogs and began being internet pen-pals? Probably for at least two months for the former, and less than a month for the latter.
Even though its appropriate to say that I’m still a fairly newcomer to the aniblogging scene as compared to senpai (senpai thank you for noticing me meowz~), its a great pleasure to learn of other anibloggers such as yourself, and to be acknowledged by senpai for the TUBA & OLBA awards.

From: tetrax (& HL company)


Or I thought that was it. A string of award tags came a while after, as bloggers committed to lengthening the chain (I really wonder – Once its started, will it ever end?). I’m actually quite afraid of inconveniencing people when I nominate them, but then again when I make said nomination I mean it. So here I am, making a revision to this post and rescheduling it again so that it falls on 24th 20th December.
Yes! It’s Christmas Eve week (for where I am currently) and this is a X’mas Eve Week Special dedicated to my readers, as well as the bloggers who nominated me. I really appreciate that you think I’m deserving of these awards (I’ll more likely to shoot myself in the foot when it comes to recognition stuffs), and so this will be my X’mas present to all of you!!! Here’s a personal letter to each of you who nominated me (wouldn’t be fair if only one person gets the letter would it?)

To: arthifis

Although you started in October this year, you’re making big waves for the community, setting up a facebook page for this anime/manga/otaku community! I should stand in a corner and face the wall to reflect on myself (面壁思过).
It’s really admirable that you’re trying to go the extra mile for the community, and on that note, I’m honoured to be nominated by you for the Liebster Award.
I still don’t know you that well yet (at the time of writing this), but will get to do so as you complete your multiple 30day challenge 🙂
Continue to be awesome! Thanks for the nomination and love!

Love ❤
From: tetrax & Lawrence


To: Ryuji先輩

To a fellow Holo fan/lover, thank you (senpai) for noticing and following my blog and what lengthy posts I write all the time. Another thanks for commenting on my posts and engaging in what random fun talk as well as simple discussions on the anime and stuff.
I don’t know if you celebrate X’mas, but hope you have an awesome one this year! Here’s to wishing that 2018 will be a lovely and positively life-changing year for you; let’s continue to keep in touch and share the joy (and what angst and sadness) through anime 🙂
And before I forget – Thanks for the nomination!
I’ll make sure I make it even neater!! 😛

Thank you loads!!!
From: tetrax & Holo


To: Kimchi-様

You’re another blogger new to the community party! I’m glad that you managed to (and my condolences, haha, anime is one thing we can sure get super involved in) find a comfortable spot to dive deep into the intricacies of anime and enjoy the plethora of experiences it has to offer!
I have yet to really communicate with you as much (i.e. by comments), but I hope to be able to do so more frequently and actively in 2018 to understand your views (and more importantly to just get some fun talk going!).
Thanks for nominating me for the Liebster Award, I’m grateful to be loved by you 🙂

Best, Cheers!
From: tetrax (& HL company)

Oh and one more fellow blogger who ‘just’ (at the time of writing this post) returned from her travels and decided to nominate me (even though she said she wouldn’t – Hats off to her man~) for the Liebster. Yeap, now I can break the 6000 word count without feeling guilt.

To: MisHATventures

Yes welcome back from your Taiwan trip! Thanks for nomina… wait that’s not how I wanted to write this letter, it’s not going to flow well… Where was I…
You are one of the first few anibloggers whom I subscribed to when I first started off my blog (and I happened to somehow subscribe to peeps from SG consecutively in a row), where after a while I started transitioning (around Oct it seems) from being a lone blogger to one actively looking out for content from other bloggers.
Your writing style always gives a very SG home-ish aura which is really comforting to read (I mean… how many SG peeps are there here… …). Rant or not, anime or not, keep on blogging and have fun in doing so! (also it keeps sanity in check~)
(ok now) I appreciate your nomination for the Liebster! ^^ Thanks~

From: Holo & Lawrence company

Also readers, these letters aren’t just for them from myself. If you have yet to check out their content, do click on the links embedded in their usernames on the letters!!! Each of them have their interesting styles and they all make the blogging / sharing experience awesome :))


The Unique Blogger Award:


  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.


One Lovely Blog Award:


  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees


Real Neat Blog Award:


  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions.


Liebster Award:


“Liebster” is a German word meaning beloved or dearest.
The Liebster Award is to show love to bloggers, new and old! It’s a fun way to get your favorite bloggers to share things about the blogger behind the blog and promote them to your readers.

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the 11 questions.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the same award in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family.
  • Ask them 11 questions that you are dying for the answers to!


Shigatsu wa kimi no uso GIF 107.gif

With 5 nominations (2 under Liebster), I’m going to make approximations and simply the rules a little and capping the nominations# to 7 (7 is a special number). I sincerely apologise for restricting the number here, but in a way this is a good chance for me to give a shout-out of utmost gratitude to the bloggers in the community who are the most awesome out there, and being superhuman-beings. How are they superhuman? They have this amazing capability to keep in touch with other community members while continuing to produce consistent content on a regular basis.
Also, given that 2017 is coming to an end, I hope that all bloggers get to have a fresh start alongside 2018 – That they can continue to be awarded with the 2018-nominations (other than carrying forward the 2017 awards — Off with the old, On with the new!). Which is why, I will also simplify the ‘task’ assigned for the awards to a single, more holistic and general category of questions/bonus-secret (stay tuned at the end of this post).


Starting with the OLBA, I shall now shed 7 little known facts about myself… …

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso GIF 23b.gif

  1. I have a very low tolerance to the cold.
    But for some reason I love to drink cold/iced water, and have a knack of wearing single-layer clothing when visiting cold countries.
  2. Most people these days (at least in my country) walk with their heads down and glued to their phones. Since I normally brisk-walk when getting from one place to another, I will calculate all their movement speeds and trajectories and optimize my path – and it usually works, I don’t get stopped a lot.
  3. I don’t take afternoon naps.
    Afternoon naps are nice, but I’m usually able to stay awake until night-time. Besides, I might get insomnia during the night when I really need to sleep.
  4. My favourite digits are 1, 4, 7, 11, 14, 17, 41, … so forth
    I’ll leave it to you to figure out why. But the reason is very simple.
  5. I cannot gain weight.
    (I know this is going to spark some comments but…) I can eat as much as I want during buffets, or eat as much McWings as I want!!! XDDD
    *drawback being, I can and will fall ill if I keep eating chicken-stuff*
  6. I have a phobia of strawberries.
    They are nice and all but… after one incident of not properly washing strawberries before consuming it… and the sickness that followed…
  7. I’m actually a very serious person in real life.
    That is, until you get to know me.


Shigatsu wa kimi no uso GIF 22b.gif

Next up… I’ll be answering all your questions!
Neshy mentioned that his questions would be weird… Let’s take a look…

If your waifu or husbando (or two of them if you have both) … if they somehow selected to join a Hunger Games, with you who also somehow joined in this killing competition … what will you do? Will you eat the poisonous berry together with them? Will you just kill them with love because you’re actually a yandere? Or did you have something else in mind?

Ans: Aww come-on… That’s more than a question in here! Since each sub-question here is kind of like an suggestion, I’m going to call this out being 1.5 of a question ;o
Well, I would say that I don’t have a waifu or husbando, and therefore this question isn’t really applicable to me. I’m also perfectly fine if you think that I’m in denial, since I’ve shown ‘devotion’ to characters like Holo or Fujimiya Kaori (Later you’ll come to know that characters like Ayano TateyamaMiyazono KaoriIsla apply too).
So assuming that I am facing a situation like the Hunger Games, I’d just round up all the participants and all their waifus and husbandos to revolt against the creator of the said sick game – There is a very high chance that these waifus and husbandos are over-powered anyway. In that way, everyone can ‘participate’ in the game and still get out of it alive. Happy End.

If you get a chance to visiting Japan next week, what is the first place that you will visit after you dropped on an airport? Beside the hotel, of course. Will it be a love motel? Or a porn shop? Or a hentai store? LOL. Or visiting a number of famous landmarks from Kimi no Na wa.? Or did you have something else in mind?

Ans: Why are you so perverted Neshy? Three out of the Four suggestions are M21+ rated content. I haven’t even touch R18+ visual novels yet! 変態!!!
I’d probably go on a marathon to visit the different animation studios (as well as ZUN, creator of Touhou Games) and thank them in person for bringing such awesome masterpieces to the world of entertainment. It’s like that one episode in Joshiraku you know… …

Why are you watching anime?

Ans: Hmm… I actually wrote this in my about page. I guess you kind of want me to type more words out. In that case then… AHem*
I am currently watching anime not only as a way to learn the japanese language (supplementing the conventional way of learning it from textbooks), but also to destress because research is difficult – how? Memes!. Of course, I watch them to occasionally make sure that I am alive inside, and that my emotional factory is still operating normally. Like you know? I need to check if my tear glands are still working? Yea~


And then there’s 7 questions from Ryuji-先輩!

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso GIF 11.gif

  1. Have you ever hated any of your teachers? If yes, then how many times have you tortured them to death?
    Yes there is one teacher I really really hated (actually the whole class did), because she was bad at teaching science and threatened us (we were little kids, omg no). I didn’t torture her to death though, I was too nice (I think) to make big moves back then.
  2. Name an anime song that makes you jump in joy or sing along with it (Even if the lyrics are mainly just gibberish)?
    I can actually understand Japanese to a moderate extent (although speaking is a little awkward for me, and writing is even more difficult to accomplish as of the moment), so the lyrics don’t sound too gibberish to me XD – oh unless you mean that its randomly moe.
    I’ll give two answers to this question.
    First, is an actual anime song that really hypes me up to sing along (and it is a joyous song). It is Kaze ni naru from Neko no Ongaeshi (The Cat Returns). There is actually a chinese adaption of this song here. I sing this with my mum occasionally.
    The other, isn’t an anime song but a Japanese doujin song from Touhou. It’s called Cirno’s Perfect Math Class. It’s so silly but funny (#references) that I can’t help but get in its beat. (And… I use this on my brother when he comes and annoys me)
  3. What is your ideal travel destination?
    To be honest, I love it here in SG. It may be rather boring, but its safe.
    If I really do need to choose a non-local destination, I’d say the UK (Even though Japan is awesome too!). I’m kind of influenced by Kazuo Ishiguro‘s works, such as Never Let Me Go.
  4. Have you ever hurt an animal back when you were a kid?
    I don’t think I actually did… All the animals love me… (for some reason)
  5. 2017 is almost at its end, which anime has been your favorite this year?
    (Do you mean the anime aired in 2017, or the anime I have watched in 2017?)
    月がきれい (Tsuki ga Kirei) !!!!! It’s really my biased opinion, but I imagine it to be how my dating relationship to be like.
  6. Are you into K-pop/K-drama? Who is your favorite Idol/Actor among them?
    Sorry to bust your bubble, but I don’t like K-pop nor K-drama. My mum likes to watch them though. The only thing about K-culture I like is probably the small minority of love songs with a style that sound a bit too much like chinese songs.
  7. It’s a zombie apocalypse. You are driven to a corner, the object to your left and right are your only weapon. How screwed are you?
    To my immediate left and right? Air. VERY SCREWED (unless I’m an air-bender)
    I have a pencil case full of stationary on my right and an internet modem on my left. I hope the zombies are vulnerable to wifi signals (oh… no electricity…)


Have I run out of data-bits to write this post yet?!?!
Hmm… The laptop isn’t lagging, so I shall presume that I’m still safe 😛
Now on to the Liebster questions!

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso GIF 55c.gif

Ryuji-先輩: (Wait you again?!?! Now I’m 3-timing bloggers too :s)

  1. Would you rather go to the past or the future?
    I’m assuming that I’m restricted to time-travelling in one time direction, so… …
    Let me do some calculations… (1/√2)Ƒ(t<0) + (1/√2)Ƒ(t>0)Ψ(t) … …
  2. What does your dream house looks like?


    A simple 2-story bungalow-like house somewhere in the middle of mother nature paradise. Someplace like Azami and Tsukihiko’s (Kagerou Project) house, so that there will be no humans for miles to interrupt the peace.

  3. If you could have any three cars, then which one would they be? Give a pic too.

    These are definitely cars.

    I don’t have huge ambitions, but these will suffice for my transportation needs.

  4. How would your ideal partner be like?
    Love.jpgA combination of personalities from HoloKaori MiyazonoAyano TateyamaIsla, and Kaori Fujimiya. Dominantly like Holo, because I cannot win her.
    You know… 3/5 of them there don’t actually exist anymore…
    Also… 3/5 of them have red eyes (Some strange attraction I have to them)…
  5. Would you rather trade someone’s intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence.
    I won’t want to look like someone else and lose my own features in the process… So Nnyaa to both. *TN: “Nnyaa” is Tswana for “No”
  6. If you were an animal or mythical creature, what would you be?
    Myself. Because being a human is an animal.
    If a human isn’t an animal, then it (in the context of being myself) is a mythical creature. Like… I’m mythically rare and also a myth myself… …
  7. According to you, what is the best thing about anime?
    All the bittersweet memories and philosophies associated with them.
  8. Which anime couple do you hate?
    Hmm… There isn’t really any which I hate but I would say coupling which I disapprove of. And that would be:

    ReZero NO.jpg

    (I’ve not read the LN yet so…) I just think EMT and Rem don’t deserve to be with him.


  9. Mention your most loved anime ship.
    Holo and Lawrence!!!
    Oh wait, you meant ship, then I think its this one:


    Kongou Class Fast Battleship (Apparently Kancolle is a thing). FYI: I don’t watch Kancolle/Kantai-Collection, but I decided to pick what most people who do like in there.


  10. What kind of power would you like to have if you ever get in an anime world?
    The power to be spared from any form of physical hurt and death from them. Too many anime worlds are horrifyingly terrible places to visit. I need some protection charm while I’m just passin’ through.
  11. Fuel from petrol pump A costs 3 per gallon and from petrol pump B costs 5 per gallon. Mr.S have at most 20 to spend on fuel. Write a system of its linear inequalities.
    3A + 5B ≤ 20
    Why would you want to buy from petrol pump B? You’re not maximizing your gallon-to-??? ratio.
    Also, are we paying with USD or bunnies? :3


  1. Why did you start blogging? (kimchi-様 also asked this)
    Ehh… I answered this previously didn’t I? Oh wait, we weren’t acquainted back then yet… Okay. *ahem* (let me try to summarize it in 3 sentences)

    Storing memories for later,
    Post to be heard,
    Recovery from depression.

    Half-cringe (super-summarized) haiku


  2. If you could enter any fantasy world of your choice, which one would you pick and why?
    Fantasy world? I haven’t really watched that many anime of that genre. X’D
    Does the world in Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita count? I wouldn’t mind entering that, even though everything’s pretty much doomed. If I can be with awesome (sadistic) fairies, everyday will be a learning experience!
    (umm… It would be right?)
  3. What is your spirit animal?
    My values are aligned with those of Foxes and Wolves in accordance to their behaviour as lone individuals or as members in a pack.
    Forget all the terrible things children stories have been brainwashing us about how ‘bad’ wolves and foxes are, they’re putting the blame on these magnificent creatures because they ran out of ‘bad’ animals to choose from and they discriminate the physical appearances of foxes and wolves.
  4. Do you see yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?
    I’ve always been an introvert. I don’t initiate anything until I am very comfortable with whoever I am with. But once I’m past that stage, I’m more of an ambivert than an introvert. (FYI: I will get high sometimes)
  5. Do you put first the cereal and then the milk, or first the milk and then the cereal?
    Neither. I put the spoon in first. 😛
  6. Are there any anime/series/movie you saw that you think you would do a better job writing it, which one and why?
    Yeap. Guilty Crown.
    What I would do is… … don’t release the Lost Christmas OVA.
    (There are also other things in S1+2, but… let’s just leave that talk for now…)
  7. Which anime/series/movie disappointed you the most and why?
    This is not anime related, but The Fox and The Hound 2.
    Never make filler movies just because the first film is a critical success.
  8. What fictional character you love the most and why?
    Holo! (Need I say more?)
  9. Without thinking! Complete the following sentence: Tomorrow I will…
    … sleep for 48 hours. (I don’t know how that works but yea)
  10. Would you want to make a living as a blogger or it will always be a hobby for you?
    I’ve never considered monetization of my (anime) blogging activities. I’m doing it for fun (as a side project) so it will always be a hobby for me.
    It’s different if I were to make a photography portfolio blog-site though – If people hire me for photography work I will accept it at budget rates (terms and conditions apply)
  11. What is the craziest thing you did? (kimchi-様 also asked this)
    A confession. 🙂 (No more details, thank you~)
    Nothing else has/can come close to the level of craziness of that.


  1. What was your first anime?
    Before I knew it was ‘anime’, that is Digimon!
    As for when I officially watched anime, Wolf’s Rain~
  2. What anime character would you bring to our world?
    Tohru from Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon.
    She will do a fine job exterminating horrible people.
  3. If you got to go to Japan what would be the first thing you would do?
    Shelter.. 53.png*chi-clink!*
    (Hands closed in prayer)
  4. What anime has been on your “to watch list” for a long time?
    Clannad, Kanon and Nagi no Asukara (By a long time, you mean 1.8 years?)
  5. What anime food looks amazing to you?
    This Toast. It’s even approved.
  6. What made you start blogging? (see above! :))
  7. Are you working on any other creative projects?
    I recall mentioning that I would try something different in the future, in my Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! post.
    The other creative(?) project is near the end of this post. Please stay tuned~
  8. What is the last thing you read?
    You didn’t mention if it has to be a fiction or non-fiction or manga or stuff… so…
    Cambridge Studies in Magnetism – Spin Glasses
    Okay just kidding, I’m still reading the Koe no Katachi manga.
  9. Without thinking! Complete the following sentence: Tomorrow I will…
    (doesn’t this contradict what I said earlier?!?! o.o)
  10. Do you have any pets?
    I had pets before – a fish, a terrapin, 8 hamsters (Except for the terrapin, the rest had limited lifespans 😦 )
    My mum brought home a lovebird (for some reason it was a ‘stray’ meaning either it escaped from its cage, or someone abandoned it… most likely the former) just this October. It’s actually supposed to be her pet, but for some reason it recognizes only me and will jump towards the side of the cage where I am at, and allows me to touch it just a little. (It still bites)
  11. What is the craziest thing you did? (see above! :))


  1. Name a person whom inspired you deeply and left an impact on your life.

    YLIA Quotes 47.png

    (Source) More than motivational

    Ah… Ahaha~ I can’t really mention this (real) person’s name for privacy reasons, but the said person is the reason why (I think) I have improved in terms of my personality a great deal more than how I was 7 years ago.
    Some of my thoughts (as leaked in my thoughts-reviews) are derivatives from this person’s values and philosophies, of course most of it are based on my other experiences too.
    Become a better person? I hope I did.
    For myself? I hope I am.
    For others? I hope I will.
    And will keep trying with betterment. 🙂

    If you really want some name, I’ll just give a letter [C].
    *Nope not C for cambridge (XD, not sure if this joke is still relevant…)

  2. Share a moment in Tv/Anime/Manga/Comic etc. that wrecked you emotionally.
    I can find a few actually, but I shall list one for anime and one for manga
    Anime) Kaori’s confession letter. I got depressed for 2 weeks.
    Manga) First book of Koe no Katachi. I hated myself after that.
  3. What’s your OTP (One True Pairing) and why are they your OTP?

    [1] Loneliness is a disease which leads to death… [2] I thought it must have been a miracle… [3] You found me, at that place. Maybe the encounter, the amazing, lucky encounter made me who I am now.

    Can I mention multiple OTPs? Can I? Ah… I guess I’ll list them, the top with the heaviest weighting~
    1) Holo and Lawrence :: If we are talking about real lifelong relationships, this is how it is supposed to be. Mutual respect, accommodating one another, and being wholly devoted to each other. There will be tiring times, boring seasons and humorous moments, but the former two shouldn’t be reasons why one would give up on the other (Lawrence you idiot, losing your brains during the stock market arc)
    2) Kotaru and Akane :: These two are just adorable when together. Shy and awkward at the start, but developing an amazing synergy the longer they associated with each other. Constantly motivating each other even though they both have their own personal issues to deal with. Since this series has a more ‘realistic’ setting, that’s something I respect about them (So yes, they are forever OTP!)
    3) Isla and Tsukasa :: While not the most ideal and mature relationship, this duo exhibits an unavoidable notion of relationships – Telling white lies, or hiding information for the other party’s ‘happiness’. It is easy to convince ourselves that “It’s better that they don’t know about it. I don’t want them to be unhappy”, but most of the time, that’s not the wisest decision to make – Eventually they are going to find out and its going to hurt more by then; If someone chose to (really) love you, and you know that is real, there’s no need to hide your problems. Face it together, and emerge stronger. That’s what life is about.
  4. What is one item you cannot live without, even if you have to evade a mob of zombies to get it.
    My camera. If I were to live in some zombie apocalypse and nothing else existed, I’ll want my camera with me. Got to keep myself sane somehow right?
    (Of course, there must be a portable solar charger, batteries and various lenses)
  5. What is Anime/TV series/Comics/Manga/Other forms of fiction to you?
    I mentioned this on one of Karandi’s post the other time. I think its a form of life (not that ‘xxx is life’ meme) that teaches us all sorts of life lessons, emotions and soft skills (hard skills if there is such a manga/anime). So much so it may figuratively be equivalent to a person.
  6. What kind of music do you like? Share your favourite artist from that category.
    Anime music!!! (It’s been the case for 1.5 years now)
    ^ Galileo Galilei is really good, gives me the Owl City vibes and more. Also Nagi Yanagi’s songs for the soul, plus Jin’s songs particularly the Kagerou list for more brooding and ClariS_also_Egoist_ah_nottomentionSakamotoMaaya,SuzukiKonomi,ItoKanako,ChouCho……*indescribable sped-up voice*
  7. What do you think about the 3D world as compared to the 2D world?
    The 3D world sucks of course! But because of its imperfection, things are a lot more interesting, and there will always be things to learn about. The 2D world is definitely a lot more ideal (oh, please don’t drag me into some of those fantasy worlds though… I don’t think I can survive in there)… … but we would be flat o.o
    Hmm… then the flat earth (will it be called earth?) theory will be right!!!
  8. Have you visited a character cafe before? I.e. Maid cafe.
    Have not. And will not.
    Prefer those animal cafe or game cafe (i.e. Mind Cafe, not the video games one)
  9. You’re in a burning building, your ultimate waifu and Hayao Miyazaki’s secret ending and sequel to all of his movies lay in corner, who/what do you save? You can only save 1.
    My ultimate waifu (that is, if I do have one). A person’s life (whom I personally love and cherish) is worth more than any history. *Besides what’s that meme about Hayao Miyazaki saying that anime is a mistake?*
  10. What is the one character that you aspire to cosplay?

    MC GIF 22.gif


    Ahaha~ I don’t do cosplay… but if I have to cosplay (don’t force me at gunpoint!! >.<), then I’ll go with Shintarou Kisaragi from Mekakucity Actors / Kagerou Project. His is surprisingly easy – A red jacket, a good smartphone and a set of nice earphones. I do that practically everyday (less the jacket).
    Oh… and I need to wear Ayano’s red scarf too…

  11. Last question 😦 “Why does time pass so fast?”
    Time is relative. It’s going to go fast or slow depending on what contraption you are using to move (your legs? some godspeed spaceship?) and also what state of mind you are in. (ok that’s a little to serious of an answer)
    If you ever find that you are not in any emotional state, and neither you are moving but time is passing a little too fast to have any physical explanation, perhaps it’s time to re-affirm that 1) you are not in a dream, and 2) you are not actually on Earth, but some other Earth-like planet.


Shigatsu wa kimi no uso GIF 44.gif

As I have mentioned earlier, these amazing 7 bloggers / people deserve recognition for their efforts and unwavering commitment + passion in both blogging and anime-related-content. Hence, I am re-dedicating the awards to them… In alphabetical order~~

  • Arthifis
    ^ I know you nominated me, but guess what you really ought to have more credit yourself. Just a month in and you looked for a solution to a gap and the result of that is the currently in-operation Anime Blogging Party FB Group.
  • Irina
    ^ I believe this young lady also doesn’t need further introductions. She’s your beloved creator/starter of the Blogwarming initiative to help young blogs get more notice! You know, she needs more love, so let me redirect the nomination arrows back to her.
  • Karandi
    ^ I don’t think I need to explain why she deserves to be nominated. This is one dedicated, super-consistent, and super-human being who can keep up with her reader feed and find beautifully written discussions from other bloggers!
    (At this point, I’m afraid of being annoying to her instead.)
  • LitaKano
    ^ An anime maniac (well not maniac actually… maybe a fanatic? :P) who releases all sorts of content under the sun, and also consistently highlighting/promoting awesome reads from other anibloggers! Not to forget, she does great collaborations which are nice to read, while featuring other great content writers too.
  • Plyasm
    ^ Do you guys know of Plyasm? If you don’t, go click that link on his username right now! He’s one of the guys behind the Aniblogger Coalition on discord, where together with a handful of other bloggers try to come up with interesting ideas to engage the community (of course, there’s work and play, senseless fun talk is included too!). On other occasions, he writes nicely reasoned articles on anime and manga that will give you a reason or two to add/avoid certain series to/in your list.
    (Also, I need to find out where he lives in the country… …)
  • Shokamoka
    ^ If you are looking for this guy, just shout “Megumi!!!” and you’ll get his attention. Alright, now that I’ve got your attention to get his attention (how does that work?), he writes great expressive articles on a regular basis, and when he’s not, there’d be collaborations with other bloggers (also on this list) which includes blind reviews and hyping up with Pantless!
  • TPAB~
    ^ Of course in this list includes The Pantless Anime Blogger (Who I happened to first follow – so I guess this is how it all started), who together with Ply, Shoka (and Leap – does Leap have a wordpress page?) have done a few interesting hyping projects to oversell(undersell?) a couple of anime series. And in the upcoming year, there will be more stuff to look out for from him in collaboration with Irina, AstralGemini and Leap!

And there you have it, these 7 anibloggers are my “best girl” picks for this time’s appreciation/dedication routine… You know what they say, that the best girl always wins.
I know… I’m biased because of my current list of bloggers I’m subscribed to.

Wait a second, HQ seems to be saying that they made the number “7” just so it looked nice, but there are supposed to be a couple more mentions to the list:

  • AstralGemini
    ^ Another blogger who is pretty active on the discord and have been doing blind reviews with some of the other peeps (mentioned above); in addition, writes short-n-sweet anime picks to motivate potential viewers to ‘adopt a series’ while bearing hints of both pluses and minuses as commented by other bloggers. (This forum-ish style is pretty cool)
  • RemyFool
    ^ Of course, I should not forget our friendly (tsundere?) resident yuri blogger. He has been doing collabs with quite a number of other bloggers over a range of insightful topics and animanga content. Giving that cliche phrase “Sharing is Caring” a good shine, he ought to deserve more credit than just yuri love (right??)


In this very special scenario, I am not just nominating these fellow bloggers for the said awards mentioned at the start of this post.
I read that there is this award called the International WordPress Awards (IWP) which honours the best WordPress sites. After doing some basic research on the wordpress reader, I did not manage to find any other blog awards that overlap strongly with what I have in mind. In fact (If I am even qualified to do so) I am going to make a new award from scratch, and here are the details:

The ComPassion Accolade


  • Named after “Community” and “Passion” and shortened to “Compassion”, this award is dedicated to individuals/bloggers who devote equally to engaging the community, and consistently post with passion.
  • Blogger may choose to/not-to display the award.
  • Just 1 question! What’s one present you will give to the community for X’mas this year? (It can be the aniblogging community, or your real life community)
  • Wait for your other present from your awarding party!

Basically, this is a one-off X’mas special award from myself for you. It’s more of a ‘something I do for you’ rather than ‘something you have to do’ award, so don’t be too worried if you need to answer more questions or reveal more embarrassing things about yourself (I’m sure the award season in 2018 will suffice when the time comes :P)
I actually had intentions to do some drawings of your characters, but as I’m a fairly perfectionist person, and time is of an issue, that’ll have to wait and so please bear with the general accolade design instead. ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ
That being said, I’m thinking of doing up a blogging award different from those currently available in the pool that is more giving than asking. Naturally its more for festive periods (so there’s a time-frame limit), and I’m considering it to be ‘similar’ to the Liebster which focuses on showing love for both old and new (let me underline that) bloggers. I’m not completely clear of unspoken rules of blogging (not the decorum sense) here, so I’d like to know from your feedback and other facts concerning this awards-thing if this is a good idea for now~


Shigatsu wa kimi no uso GIF 47.gif

Thanks for reading and staying through (this post) all this time since easing into the community~ 🙂

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2] “Appreciation Post: More Blog Awards” Gifs
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6] “Appreciation Post: More Blog Awards” Logo Design (1) & (2) & (3)

Living life little by little as I try to understand how life works. As complex as it is, so as I am, it may take a lifetime to understand. But regardless it is not pointless to pursue a near-impossible goal.

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25 comments on “Appreciation Post: More Blog Awards
  1. nesha e´ says:

    dear tetrax (& HL company) … it is i, the creature my lord has called Neshy.

    i have been reading through the whole post and i amazed how much the passion thee have put in. i know it was just an intense post about thine awards, but reading this has made me understand thou even more (somehow it has made an outburst of my emotion.) i do not know if i am being a melancholy or bad-tempered, but i am not sure anymore if i can be thine senpai rather just be thine kouhai. i understand if thee in real life is such a person who orgulous or proud, but reading this plumbless splash of scribing has made me sure that you actually can become a lenity of my zephyr heart. and i do sure that from here on, your summer in the universe of blogging universe will continue to burst out even more..,..
    – in the name of god who owns the sky and the heavens, sincerely, i shall kneel under your manifold of personality. thy truly senpai who will shortly become thy kouhai, the creature my lord has called Neshy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hat says:

    Wow, that’s a lot to take in at once but congrats on the showering of awards and creation of your own award! That’s a great idea for sharing love in the community! 😀 Your answers are rather surprising and very realistic I must say haha. (Silent agreement that strawberries are evil)

    Anyways, thanks for your nice words and I do hope that you have a nice Christmas, though I’m sure that I’ll be celebrating it by watching more anime! Cheers~

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for the well wishes! I hope you’ll have a wonderful X’mas and anime bingeing session too :3
      Hahaha, I’d still love to retain some idealistic aspects of myself, being too realistic isn’t necessarily good… … I think…
      (I’m just the kind of person who can spring surprises – Surprisingly nice or Surprisingly disappointing XD)
      Ehh… but strawberries are nice… when you sprinkle sugar over them… 😥 (…and then forgetting to wash them…)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. kimchisama says:

    Thank you for the kind words! I’m loving this community and it’s been so fun! Enjoy your Christmas anime watching I will be doing the same and also maybe the “Muppet’s Christmas Carol” haha it is a classic!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congratulations on the award, @tetrax4berium. ^ ^

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Shokamoka says:

    Oh boy. The backlog is so large on my part I am struggling to even keep up.
    Do understand that if you end up not seeing me doing award posts anymore, hope you know that it’s because I’m completely burned out!

    This new life of mine is no longer a joke really. I didn’t take my mom’s words seriously when she said that I’d be getting little sleep each and everyday and it got to the point that I’m watching my own blog stagnated! 😦

    Discord is different though, holla at me anytime over there! And of course, congratulations on the massive haul of awards!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sounds like you have it really rough even after settling in.. :0
      Hope it’ll get better for you with each passing day, make sure you get enough rest okay!!! Anime may be important but so is your health and your reality!
      Thanks for the wishes, not sure if you’d be celebrating X’mas there, but hope you’ll have a jolly end to 2017!
      I’ll try to haunt you guys more over on discord as 2018 comes~
      Again, thanks for reading (oh god, this post probably ate up even more of your time, sorry!! >.<)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Such a heart touching letter T^T
    Thanks for the lovely wishes, I wish you a merry Christmas and hope that the coming year proves to be better and more eventful than any so far!
    (Damn, senpai made me grin like an idiot XD)

    Whoa! I gotta show this to my parents! I’m highly intolerant of cold! Sometimes I wrap myself under a blanket even during mid summer (Almost 45°). But for some reason I’m fine drinking cold coffee and drinks like that (Still wear full sleeves year round tho).

    That series…. Unravel its mysteries please! Or else I won’t be able to sleep tonight!

    Finally someone hated their teacher. Still I’m sad that everyone in this community is too good to dream of torturing their teacher ._.)
    (I’m a bad influence 😦😦)

    Am I really the only one who hurt an animal?? Q.Q

    Let’s clear any misunderstanding, I’m not into any Korean stuff. I don’t hate them but I don’t like them either (Sorry to every K-pop fan but their songs generally makes me rage)

    Red eyes for the win!!

    Thanks a lot for answering my questions! They indeed were a lot of fun to read! See you soon attempting more of them!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Cold is nice, cold is good, cold is cool, cold is cold, cold is sick, cold is bad, cold is… … umm where have I gone to… …
      I just like numbers with sharp edges (lol)
      Nah you are not a bad influence, different people react to different stimuli differently, I just happen to keep it all in untilll… And I probably did unconsciously hurt my pets’ feelings more than a few times by disturbing it occasionally :3
      Ohh ok, I see. Neutrality FTW! 🙂
      Red eyes == Lots and lots of unspoken tears. :’)

      Hope you have a wonderful X’mas yourself too Ryuji-senpai..senpai…senpai….senpai…..senpai……senpaiiiiiiiiiiiii
      Now go infect others with that grin ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Arthifis says:

    Congratulations in your awards!!! You really deserve them (and more)! Thanks for your kind words… It made my day and it made me blush a little bit :$ (I’m not that good with receiving compliments xD)

    Also… Thanks for the nomination! I just can’t express how thankfull I am by being included in a list of so many bloggers I adore and serve as an inspiration to me! It just… amazes (?) me!

    And how do you put the spoon first? It doesn’t make any sense!!!! The cereal will not go the bottom of the ball and the milk will splash in the spoon… You are a strange strange fellow! xD

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Irina says:

    YES!!!! This means I WIN, right????I knew it!
    But seriously, mad props for taking the time to respond to all these and being so kind to everyone around you. I’m in awe!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Plyasm says:

    You obviously deserved all the awards, and thanks for the nominations as always, although I’m going to have to write more posts now yay…

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’ll give you all the liberty to respond or pass on the nomination in case some of you are more preoccupied with your real life events, no worries!
      But I mean it when I nominate the handful of you ‘cause I think you all deserve the love for your efforts and commitments~

      Hope you will have a wonderful X’mas and an even better, awesome 2018!! Fighting!! :)))

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Remy Fool says:

    Holy moly, you’ve outdone yourself! The fact that you were able to jam in so much content and kept the post entertaining to read is no small feat~

    I love the idea of making a new award. Great concepts you got there!

    Tsundere, huh? Hmmm~

    Thanks for mentioning lil ol me and congratulations on all those nominations, wow!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Got the tsundere idea from your comments section (haha :))
      I was afraid the post would be a little too long, ut oh well too late for regrets and too early to be thinking, I’m sleepy (yawnz)
      Okays, hopefully I won’t raise a few event flags with what narrow ideas I am having in mind… …

      Enjoy your 2017 X’mas over at your side Remy!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Keiko says:

    Congratulations on all your awards! That was a really good way to tackle them all at once ahaha 😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

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